BHK Lingo/ Info

Grinds- (Find what works best for 80% of what you plan on using your knife for)

  • Scandi grind- Scandi grinds are an excellent choice for bushcrafters and outdoorsman.
  • Flat grind- Is the right choice for hunters and anyone planing on slicing and dicing.
  • Saber grind- This is a great choice for the in between user, the more every day carry user.


Micarta- we offer Green, Black and Natural canvas micarta bead blasted or polished. Micarta is layered canvas heat compressed together with resin. 

  • Bead blasted adds a rougher matte finish to the handle.
  • Polished adds a shiny smooth finish to the handle.

G10- G10 is a fiberglass handle material that also works well. It is offered in a variety of colors and color combinations.

Liners- Come in a variety of colors. Liners are placed running parallel to the knife steel. 

Spacers- Come in a variety of colors. Spacers are added horizontally dividing the handle.

Bolster- The bolster can come in either G10, Micarta or a variety of other handle materials.  It is the front section of the handle.

  • Mosaic Pins
  • Loveless bolts (most commonly used)
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Lanyard hole- for adding a lanyard to your knife for easy retrieval or for added safety. (Offered as an upgrade in copper and stainless)
Blade Finishes
  • Satin Finish- Most commonly used.
  • Gun Blued- Cold Gun bluing added for a black finish. (Not food safe)
  • Acid etched- Acid etching is a process that we do to give a more textured look to the blade finish.
Additional Add on’s-
  • A file is used to create a mildly aggressive thumb grip.
False Edge-
  • Tip is ground but not sharpened.  This helps with puncturing. 

RTD’S (Random Textured Divots)-

  • These are done by hand randomly on the handle to create a different texture for added grip.


  • Laser engraving
  • CNC engraving

Steel codes- On all BHK knives opposite side as the BHK logo you might see a letter stamp or stamps.  Here is what they mean.

  • No stamp on the back side will mean they are a standard model in O1 tool steel.
  • “LE” stands for Limited edition and would have been part of a small run or the first run of a particular model.
  • “PT” stands for prototype.  If your knife has a PT stamp it was the first prototype of that model or the first prototype made after changes were made to that model.
  • “O” stands for O1 high carbon tool steel.
  • “A” stands for A2
  • “T” stands for 1095
  • “A3” stands for ATS34
  • “D” stands for D2
  • “C” stands for CPM 154
  • “F” stands for CM 154
  • “E” stands for 12 C 27
  • “S” stands for 13 C 26
  • “V” stands for S30V
  • “B” stands for 440 C
  • “G” stands for 19 C 27
  • “N” or “VN” stands for S35VN
  • “L” stands for AEBL
  • “3” or “3V” stands for CMP3V
  • “A3” stands for ATS34
  • “M” or “M4” stands for M4