Our Services

Please allow 2 weeks for services to be completed. You can mail knives to us at: BHK 624 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, Ohio 43725. Please include a note describing what you are requesting. 

Knife Sharpening

All BHK knives are sharpened free of charge. You will need to send a return label or $15.00 for return shipping cost.  
For non BHK knives, we charge $5.00 per knife up to 7″ blade.  The price will vary for knives with blades larger than 7″. 

Spa Treatment

BHK offers a full spa treatment package for any of your knives.  The spa treatment includes the clean up and sharpening of the knife blade.  We will do our best to remove any surface rust, scratches, or other imperfections.  Please note, the severity of the condition of the knife may vary on the outcome of the spa treatment.  Deep rust pits may not be able to be removed.  Let us know if you have a knife in need of a spa treatment. 

Re-Handle before and after

Handle Replacement

For years, BHK has been known for the comfortable handles on our knives so it is no surprise that BHK has been rehandling knives to our perfection.  Sometimes you decide you want to upgrade your handle’s material to a different wood or maybe an antler, we can do that for you.  Please call or email for pricing. 

*NOTE* if you send in your knife for a rehandle and you have a Kydex sheath, in most cases, it will no longer work. A new Kydex sheath can be installed from BHK at your expense or we can ship it back as is.


BHK has a waterjet machine that we cut our knife blanks with.  BHK now offers our waterjet services to small time knife makers, machine shops and more.  Feel free to request a quote.


Vinyl Decals

BHK makes vinyl decals on location.  Need vinyl decals for your business, event, or just for you? Reach out to us for your free quote now.

Vinyl decals

Leather Repair

Have some leather items that need to be repaired or replaced? BHK offers leather repair and custom work.  Let us know if there is something BHK can help you with.

Leather repair

Machine Shop

BHK has several machines.  If you are looking for some CNC work or other small chores reach out to BHK and see if we can help.