BHK Lingo/ Info

Here is a list of BHK’s steel codes. What is a steel code? Some of our knives only have the BHK logo stamped into the steel. This means that the steel is our regular production O1 tool steel.  Some of our knives on the opposite side of the BHK logo side have a letter stamped.  This lets you know what steel that knife is made of.  Each letter stands for a different steel. 

O = O1 high carbon tool steel
A = A2
T = 1095
A3 = ATS34
D = D2
C = CPM 154
F = CM 154
E = 12 C 27
S = 13 C 26
V = S30V
B = 440 C
G = 19 C 27

Rockwells are between 58-60

We specialize in Bushcraft knives, tactical knives, hunting knives and custom knives.  We also offer spa treatments, rehandle jobs and handmade leather work for both Battle Horse Knives as well as other makers knives.

We would like to thank you for choosing our American made knives by Battle Horse Knives and we are honored to call you part of our family.